“We’re Going In” – Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell Shuts Down Question About “Pulling His Team Back” Emotionally

Dan Campbell

Motor City Dan Campbell only knows one speed, and that’s pedal to the metal.

The Detroit Lions are just one game away from reaching the Super Bowl, and the evil juggernaut known as the San Francisco 49ers is the only thing that stand in their way from a trip to Las Vegas for the “Big Game.”

A road trip out to San Francisco will be a tough test, but one that the Lions will be ready for. They’ve already won more playoff games this year (2) than they had in the past 32 years (0), and they’ll certainly be looking to add to that list of wins.

During time with the media ahead of the NFC championship, one reporter decided to question Lions head coach Dan Campbell about the emotion of his team, and whether or not they were going to tone it down ahead of the high-stakes matchup:

“The other team’s been there (in the NFC Championship) four times, this is your first time in this game. Emotionally, are you going to have to pull your team back a little bit? I can even see the energy in you from the other day…”

The reporter didn’t even get a chance to finish the thought before Dan Campbell bit the guy’s kneecaps cut the man off to answer with, ironically, a very emotional response:

“I don’t want to pull them back. I’m not pulling them back. We’re going. We’re going. They’ll adjust on the fly, but we’re going in. And they’ll be ready.”

I’ve simply never seen a head coach encapsulate an NFL team’s vibe better than Dan Campbell lines up with the Lions. The Lions are hard-nosed and full of grit and gumption, and so is Dan Campbell.

The 49ers should be terrified that the Lions “aren’t pulling back” and are “going in.” Those quotes certainly got the Lions fan base fired up, as you can see through the replies below the Lions’ post:

Not the best photoshop/video editing job with that last one, but it still hammers the point home.

The Detroit Lions are going to be fired up, and they’ll be ready to kick the San Francisco 49ers into a never-ending pit (metaphorically of course).

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