NFL Players At Las Vegas Super Bowl Will Face Strict Gambling Guidelines

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What happens in Vegas…won’t be happening for NFL players traveling out to Sin City.

The culmination of this year’s NFL season will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada for Super Bowl LVIII. Teams competing in this year’s “Big Game” will be decided this weekend during the NFC and AFC championships, though if you ask conspiracy theorists online, the Super Bowl matchup has already been decided.

Las Vegas was chosen to host the Super Bowl this year, which is a very fun location for fans traveling to attend, but not the best if you’re an NFL player that happens to be lacing them up in hopes of winning the Lombardi Trophy.

The National Football League made it very clear that players participating in the Super Bowl would not be allowed to partake in all that Las Vegas has to offer (gambling), and put out this statement to clarify the guidelines for teams that will travel to “Sin City” to compete:

“While in Las Vegas, players participating in the Super Bowl are prohibited from engaging in any form of gambling, including casino games and betting on any sport.”

So…what else is there to do out in Las Vegas?

As for NFL players that are traveling out to the Super Bowl to be spectators, they will be allowed to participate in gambling activities. Non-Super Bowl competitors will still have to be very careful with sports betting, specifically by not betting on the NFL, which is a rule that is enforced throughout the year.

However, there’s another touchy guideline that prohibits those NFL players acting as spectators for the “Big Game” from entering a sports books until after the Super Bowl has been completed. The only exception is if the sports book is located in way that forces a person to walk through it to get to their destination.

I don’t know about you, but all of this seems increasingly difficult to enforce. Taking and/or inviting a large amount of people to Las Vegas and telling them not to gamble is like taking a dog to a tennis ball factory and telling them not to play fetch. Since we’re talking about gambling, I’d be willing to bet that some sort of NFL gambling policy is broken out in “Sin City.”

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