Randall King Delivers Solid Honky Tonk Gold With New Album, ‘Into The Neon’

Randall King country music
Yve Assad

Randall King is in his neon era — and I’m here for it.

The native Texan released his second major label album today, Into The Neon, with Warner Nashville, a project that was co-produced by King alongside Jared Conrad.

Of course, the record features his silky smooth, twangy vocals, along with his unique, signature blend of influences from icons like George Strait and Keith Whitley, with a modern twist that will have you ready to dance the night away at your local honky tonk on every track.

King built a solid following in the lone star state before making the move to Nashville to pursue his career with the help of a major label, and with a sound reminiscent of 90’s country and even some of the early 2000’s, it’s super solid all the way around.

King says it represents the sound he’s been honing for many years, and is filled with sad songs, love songs, and of course, some two-steppers:

“We are officially in the Neon era baby. The TONK factor is on and set to 11! Sonically, this album represents a sound I’ve been honing in on for some time.

Lyrically, the album’s a little bit of everything, just like life: heartbreak songs, two-steppers and love songs, all are mostly true stories of life along the way.”

He released a few tracks in the lead up to today, including “When My Baby’s in Boots” and “The One You’re Waiting On,” which are all great. You can’t go wrong with a song on the tracklist, which is no easy feat in today’s musical landscape of chasing trends and trying to fit in with what everyone else is doing.

Decidedly focused on keeping that neotraditional country sound alive, Randall King is a breathe of fresh air in the mainstream in terms of bringing a whole lot of Texas influence to Nashville, with meaningful lyricism and production that will stand the test of time.

I could go on and on about how good, and country, Into The Neon is, but it’s way more fun if you hear it for yourself… I’ve listed a few of my favorites below, and if you’re into solid honky tonk gold (and who isn’t?), this album is for you.

“I Could Be That Rain”

“Damn You Look Good”

“Somewhere Over Us”

“I Don’t Whiskey Anymore”

“Tonk ‘Til I Die”

Into The Neon tracklisting:

One Night Dance (Randall King & Jon Nite)
Somewhere Over Us (Randall King, Mike Walker & Joey Hyde)
When My Baby’s in Boots (Trannie Anderson, Michael Carter and Jordan Walker)
What Doesn’t Kill You (Mitchell Tenpenny, Michael Whitworth, Nate Smith & Zach Kale)
Hang of Hangin’ On (Brett Sheroky & Brice Long)
Burns Like Her (Adam James, Greylan James & Mikey Reaves)
Good Feelin’ (Michael Whitworth, Will Jones & Benjy Davis)
The One You’re Waiting On (Adam Wright & Shannon Wright)
Into The Neon (Randall King, Ben Stennis & Matt Rogers)
Tonk ‘Til I Die (Randall King, Dan Smalley & Benjy Davis)
But It Ain’t (Randall King, Jared Mullins & Ben Stennis)
Coulda Been Love (Jake Worthington, Kim Penz & Roger Springer)
Damn You Look Good (Ava Suppelsa, Aby Gutierrez & Andrew Peebles)
Hard To Be Humble (Ben Hayslip, Corey Crowder & Chris LaCorte)
Right Things Right (Trannie Anderson, Chris Dubois & Jordan Walker)
As Far As We Go (Brett Sheroky & Drew Kennedy)
I Could Be That Rain (Brian Fuller & Mason Thornley)
I Don’t Whiskey Anymore (Randall King & Gordie Sampson)

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