Julian Edelman, Tom Brady, & Randy Moss Recall The Time Bill Belichick Gave An Inspirational Speech About Tiger Woods… A Couple Weeks Before His Scandal

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It’s going to be weird watching the NFL next year, and not seeing Bill Belichick head coaching the New England Patriots.

Seriously, I always assumed that Belichick would die as the head coach for the Pats, but after a handful of rough seasons in a row, ol’ Bill and the Patriots decided to part ways. It’s uncertain if Belichick will end up a head coach somewhere else next season, or if he’s just going to hang it up and retire. The Atlanta Falcons interviewed him twice, which would be absolutely hilarious since Belichick’s Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit against the Falcons back in 2017 to win Super Bowl LI.

But since we don’t know Belichick’s future in coaching yet, I’ve really enjoyed hearing all of these stories about one of the all-time greats.

Although Bill is known to have a bland personality, he has the driest sense of humor out there, and you can’t help but laugh when you hear stories like this one.

Famed Patriots Tom Brady and Randy Moss made an appearance on Julian Edelman’s Games With Names podcast, and Edelman recalled this hilarious story about Bill during his time with the Patriots.

He said:

“Every offseason, we’d have some inspirational thing from Bill. This guy lays out an hour long presentation on why Tiger Woods is Tiger f*cking Woods. He’s sitting there, ‘You guys are over in Vegas in the offseason,this guy’s hitting his seven iron, he’s over at the greens putting.’

And like three weeks later, the whole Tiger saga came out. Three weeks later. And Randy, as soon as it came out, we’re in stretch lines, and Bill’s walking around he’s got his little whistle, and he’s whistling or doing his little whistle twirl, then all of a sudden you hear out of left field, ‘Ay Bill! Ay Bill!’

You see Belichick, he just shakes his head like he knew exactly… ‘How about Tiger f*cking Woods, Bill?’

Whole team starts dying. Whole team’s going crazy. He got Mossed.”

I just wish there would’ve been a reality TV series whenever Brady, Edelman, and Moss were in the same locker room together.

Check it out:

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