Two Brown Bears Bellow & Battle It Out In Incredible Footage

Bears fighting in the woods
Daniel Luedin

When bears fight, it is usually over one of three things (or a combination of any of the following): Food, family, and territory.

I was doing my best to find a word for territory that starts with the letter “f” right there, but as it turns out, there aren’t really any that suffice. Having all of the reasons bears battle start with the letter “f” isn’t that important, but it would have been easier to remember, and who doesn’t love a little alliteration?

For the first portion of the clip, the two hefty bruins are bellowing at one another before they lock into combat. I don’t want to speak for everyone when I say this, but it definitely looks like the bear on the right is more equipped for fighting than the bear on the left.

Though I say that, it’s the bruin on the left that officially gets the brawl started. The guttural noises and growls are some the gnarliest you’ll ever hear, and the sounds definitely match the intensity of the bear-on-bear altercation unfolding.

And color me surprised, because the bear that started out on the left really gets the best of its competitor. It locked its teeth into the opposing bear early on in the fight and smartly chose to never let go. The bear being bitten was screaming bloody murder, and I’d say it had every right to howling in agony.

After a good 20 seconds, the bear on the receiving end of the sharp teeth was finally able to shake free from its foe, and once it did, you could tell it was kind of “over” the whole fighting thing.

The battered bruin let out a couple of more growls, but that was all it had left in the tank following the serious scuffle. When it comes to bear fighting videos, this is surely one of the better bear brawls you’ll see.

Check it out:

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