“Swifties” Troll Bills Kicker With Viral Tweet: “You Know Who Can Make Kicks?”

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: international pop star and NFL field goal kicker?

If you asked her loyal fanbase of “Swifties,” they would tell you that both of those titles are accurate and true. Swift fans, along with 40 million other people, tuned in to watch the heavyweight matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills, which ended painfully if you were cheering for Buffalo.

NFL playoff games between Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen have delivered every single year, and the most recent installment that happened this past weekend can be added to the instant classic collection. Sadly for Allen and the Bills, they just can’t seem to break through against Mahomes and the Chiefs, and lost in devastating fashion once again (Allen is now 0-3 versus Mahomes in the postseason).

Ever since Taylor Swift started dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, “Swifties” have latched on to the Chiefs and declared them as the official NFL team of Swift fans. They’re mainly tuning in to see the cutaways during the broadcast to Swift somewhere in the stadium, but “Swifties” have also become more knowledgable on the sport as the season has gone on.

And because Swift chose to date someone who plays for the Chiefs (why couldn’t she have dated someone from the Panthers or the Jets?), “Swifties” have not experienced the horrors of sports fandom. They’ve only gotten to be there for the good parts, as the Chiefs are now one game away from the Super Bowl, partially thanks to this missed field goal attempt by the Bills:

Who’s to say how the rest of the game would have gone if Buffalo had not missed that field goal? You’d like to think that the Bills would have at least had a chance. But who are we kidding? With a minute and change left, Mahomes would have led a game-winning drive and made the loss that much more hard to swallow.

Instead, Bills kicker Tyler Bass missed the 44-yard kick in his home stadium wide right, and that effectively ended the game, allowing for Taylor Swift, her fans, and Chiefs fans to rejoice. And as if that wasn’t excruciating enough for Buffalo fans…

“Swifties” took to X (formerly Twitter) to somewhat trash talk the Bills kicker for blowing the kick and losing the game for Buffalo (they’re really catching on). One of the deepest trash-talking cuts that the Swift fans threw in the direction of “Bills Mafia” was that Taylor Swift could have made the field goal that Bass missed.

And they used this video to prove it:

Beach ball 5 yards into a crowd, 44-yard kick with a football, same thing.

Just in case you didn’t know, “Swifties” move together (and might be the strongest force on the face of the planet), so they all started backing up this post with Taylor Swift support:

I can’t imagine a worse hell for Buffalo Bills fans. Their team and their fanbase have been dragged through heartbreak for decades, and now they are getting trash talked by a group of people that just started watching football a couple of months ago.

And I hate to say this, but “Swifties” are likely about to experience something that only a few NFL fanbases every get to witness: A Super Bowl victory. There are plenty of tortured fanbases that have never even seen their teams reach the postseason, and loyal followers of Taylor Swift are going to be rewarded with the Lombardi trophy for bandwagoning with the Kansas City Chiefs for less than an entire NFL season.

There’s only one team that stands in the way of aChiefs-Swiftie Super Bowl now, and I’d venture to say a lot of the country will be rooting for the Baltimore Ravens next weekend in the AFC Championship. You can always trust a pie chart, right?

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