God Help The Ravens: There’s Only One Team Left That Can Save Us All From A Taylor Swift Super Bowl

Lamar Jackson
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We’re one week closer to the Super Bowl, which makes NFL fans simultaneously happy and sad.

Happy because there’s nothing like the “Big Game” and the events and parties (and commercials) that surround it, but sad because it means that the NFL season is coming to a close. What are we (degenerate gamblers) supposed to bet on once the football season is over?

There are now four teams remaining that could still be declared the NFL Super Bowl Champion, and it’s rather apparent what teams people would rather see win.

On the NFC side of things, the Detroit Lions will face off against the San Fransisco 49ers, and on the AFC side of the bracket, the Baltimore Ravens will match up against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Does anyone want to see a Chiefs – 49ers Super Bowl? Maybe only Chiefs and 49ers fans. Does everyone want to see a Lions – Ravens matchup in the big game? You bet your ass they do. But guess what? It doesn’t matter what we want as casual football fans, and if I’ve learned anything during my time on planet Earth, it’s to always keep your expectations low.

We’re dangerously close to having the Kansas City Chiefs make it back to the Super Bowl, and there’s only man team and one man that can put a stop to the Patrick Mahomes-Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift train.

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens will host the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, and they have a chance to become America’s sweetheart by knocking Kansas City out of the NFL Playoffs.

Jackson, who will likely be named the NFL MVP for a second time (even though he’s not quarterbacky enough), has an entire anti-Chiefs fanbase behind him. Hopefully he can continue doing things like this in the game for a spot in the Super Bowl:

Much of the country is begging the Baltimore Ravens to bring the Kansas City Chiefs’ season to a screeching halt. Patrick Mahomes’ team didn’t look to be all that great for much of the year, but now they are one game away from playing in yet another Super Bowl (because of course they are).

A Super Bowl, might I remind you, that has basically two weeks of hyped up coverage leading up to it. If you’ve grown tired of the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce storyline already, just you wait until the media has 14 days of sports stories to fill.

The Baltimore Ravens can send Swift and the Chiefs packing if they show up and show out, and I’ll comfortably speak for most NFL fans and say that I really hope Lamar can get it done. Do I think they will? No, and I’m really scared…

Kansas City can’t keep getting away with this, and none of us can take anymore Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce coverage. And with that, I’ll end by leaving Lamar Jackson a message (hopefully you are reading this, and if you are, I’m a big fan):

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