Sturgill Simpson Delivers Stellar Rendition Of The Lynyrd Skynyrd Hit “Call Me The Breeze” At Dead Ahead Festival

Sturgill Simpson country music

Is this what Heaven is like?

It’s no secret that Sturgill Simpson is one of the most diverse musicians in all of the music business.

The guy can go from pure country, to southern rock, blues, psychedelic rock, whatever Sound & Fury is, and even bluegrass. Ol’ Stu always knows how to keep us guessing, and that’s why we all love the guy and his music.

With that being said, Simpson showed off his diverse skillset once again earlier this month, while playing a show at the Dead Ahead Festival in Cancun, Mexico.

Over the weekend, Stu hopped on stage with Bob Weir, Derek Trucks, Dead & Company, Margo Price, and many other great musicians, but during this particular performance, he played a song that I wouldn’t have expected from Stu at all…

And I’m talking about the 1974 Lynyrd Skynyrd hit, “Call Me The Breeze.” First written and recorded by J. J. Cale, it was released on his 1972 debut album, Naturally. The song has also been covered by Johnny Cash, Bobby Bare and more.

Simpson’s version was a bluesy, slowed down version, more like the original, compared to the up tempo original southern rock anthem from Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Man, what I would’ve done to be in Cancun a couple weekends ago to hear this legendary song covered by a legend himself.

I know Sturgill said he’s done putting out albums, but is a full blown southern rock cover album too much to ask?

Check it out:

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