“Leave Them The Hell Alone” – Parker McCollum Scolds Security Policing Fans In The Pit

Parker McCollum

Just let the kids have some fun.

Parker McCollum is standing up for his fans at the start of his 2024 Burn It Down tour.

From kicking out fans who are causing a ruckus in the pit to telling security guards to chill out and let the people have some fun, Parker is here for his people.

During a recent show in Idaho, McCollum called out the security guards near the pit, telling them to let fans be as long as they weren’t disturbing the crowd too much. While the person behind the camera didn’t show what was happening in the pit, from his note to the event staff, it was clear that he didn’t care if fans were on each other’s shoulders to get a good view.

“If somebody is on somebody’s shoulders, please just let them be. Security just…

If the worst thing kids are doing is getting on each other’s shoulders at a concert, man, just leave them the hell alone and let them have a good time.” 

While some fans were quick to comment that it’s not fair for the other people who paid to be in the pit to have their view blocked by people riding shoulders, I personally don’t see it this way.

For the vertically challenged folks, it’s nice to have a little height boost to see a song or two, and if you have ever been to a festival (where this happens all the time), you know that people don’t often stay on top of other’s shoulders for more than a minute or two.

Regardless of opinions, I respect that McCollum is encouraging people to live their lives and enjoy the show. That’s the whole point of paying to see your favorite artists, right?

This instance was quickly followed by the show where he did give two girls the boot and called their a**es out as they were escorted from the arena, so let it be known that just because McCollum is okay with people on each other’s shoulders does not mean he’s okay with folks really disturbing the peace.

Roll the tape.

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