Parker McCollum Hilariously Taunts Fans After Kicking Them Out For Fighting: “The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round”

Parker McCollum

Is this our first video of an artist kicking somebody out of the show in 2024?

It seems like a much more common occurrence these days that some idiot fans end up causing trouble and forcing the artist to take matters into their own hands to make sure the rest of the crowd is having a good time. I’m not sure if everybody just forgot how to behave when things were shut down during COVID or what’s going on, but it seems like there are always those people who just have to ruin things for everybody around them.

But Parker McCollum wasn’t having it.

Parker kicked off his Burn It Down tour last night in Spokane, Washington with a stop at Spokane Arena. First show of the year, vibes are high, the crowd’s ready to go, should be a great night, right?

Well apparently two girls didn’t get to stick around to find out after reportedly causing trouble in the crowd.

Video from the concerts shows Parker stopping to address the girls as security seeks to restore order:

“Hey well then both of ’em gotta go. Get ’em the f*ck outta here.

People pay hard earned money to come see a show and y’all gonna come in here and f*ck it up six songs in.”

But Parker wasn’t done, dropping an absolutely devastating taunt at the girls as they were heading for the exit:

“The wheels on the bus go round and round.” 

Gotta think they won’t be showing their face at another Parker McCollum show anytime soon after that one. Not sure how you recover from being called out like that.


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