Kylie Kelce Told Jason To “Get His A** Back In Here” After He Jumped Out Of The Booth Shirtless

Jason Kelce shirtless
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Last night was another classic matchup between the Chiefs and Bills, but somehow it was overshadowed by what went down in a particular area of the crowd where one of the most popular humans on earth was watching someone very special to them on the field.

You’ve probably seen the videos and heard the chanting of the crowds by now, but in case you didn’t haven’t, it is in fact true that Jason Kelce was in attendance to watch his brother Travis play in Buffalo last night.

I can confirm a pop singer named Taylor Swift was also in attendance…

But for real, the game was incredible and ended in another heartbreaking loss for the Bills as Tyler Bass’ game tying field goal attempt went wide right, a phrase that continues to haunt Bills Mafia and allowed the Kansas City Chiefs to move on to their 5th straight AFC Championship game appearance, which is really mindboggling and proof that we are smack dab in the midst of a dynasty.

Despite the on field dramatics, Jason Kelce is at the center of most media coverage as he was having the absolute time of his life just taking in the rowdy Buffalo atmosphere.

Pregame he joined a Bills Mafia tailgate and took a shot out of a bowling ball and then during the game was spotted pounding beers shirtless in celebration of one of the two touchdowns his younger brother scored.

He even ended up jumping out of the booth to go celebrate with the fans and made a young girl’s life by picking her up to meet to Taylor Swift, the previously named pop star who was also in the booth with him.

Obviously, this was all around top level behavior from perhaps the greatest center in NFL history, but at some point enough was enough, at least for Jason’s wife Kylie.

In a new angle of Jason’s crowd antics, you can the father of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes pass along a message from Jason’s wife, and she had some stern words for him:

“Hey, Kylie said get your ass back in here”

Obviously, Kylie knows the guy she married and plenty of videos show her enjoying the whole ordeal as much as anyone, but man is it funny that even Jason Kelce gets scolded by his wife. Makes me feel a little better about myself when I catch an earful for not blowing out a candle or forgetting to unload the dishwasher…

Good times were had all around but Kylie Kelce continues to prove she’s a force to be reckoned with on her own.

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