Overconfident Bills Bettor Who Got A Super Bowl Tattoo Was On-Site To Cry Over Their Loss To The Chiefs

Bills fan with tattoo

Why you would bet a bunch of money against Patrick Mahomes as an underdog of less than three points is beyond me. Why you would get a tattoo declaring the Buffalo Bills as Super Bowl LVIII champions in addition to wagering against Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs is just setting yourself up for heartbreak and too much money lost.

I hope for this semi-prominent TikTok boxer/Betr Media guy named Derek, that all the exposure will be worth the trouble. Otherwise, damn. That’d be the triple play of epic losing. Guess it could be worse. See, Derek isn’t actually a Bills fan. For whatever reason, he was all-in on Buffalo to advance past the Divisional Round, only to watch Bills kicker Tyler Bass go all Wide Right: Part Deux on a game-tying field goal.

Derek’s reaction is priceless (sorry man, not trying to be full-on schadenfreude about this).

Local news caught up with Derek afterwards, where he put the Bills on blast for falling short in the postseason and for disappointing the fans who came out in hundreds to shovel snow at Highmark Stadium:

“I don’t care about the Bills. I was just here to win money. I had a lot of money on them and I was so confident, I got it tattooed on my arm. Bills Super Bowl LVIII champions — and they let me down.

Just like they let their fans down every year. This team is a joke, and I’m sick of it.”


As for what he’s going to do about the tattoo, Derek will do whatever he can to cover it up, and even floated the idea that Josh Allen pay for its removal. Wouldn’t hold my breath on that one if I were him, but hey, crazier things have happened in the history of the world.

Let’s pray that Betr Media at least footed the bill for Derek’s flight out to Buffalo, if not for a decent chunk of his alleged massive bet on the Bills. Mahomes is now 8-3 straight-up as an underdog. The spot to fade him probably would’ve been in the AFC Championship Game against a far superior team in the Baltimore Ravens, with their soon-to-be two-time MVP QB Lamar Jackson.

Baltimore is only a three-point home favorite. You can see how bookmakers are giving Mahomes far more due respect. If not for Mecole Hardman’s touchback fumble, that Bills-Chiefs game wouldn’t have even been so close in all likelihood. IDK. The Ravens look like they’re head and shoulders above every other team in the NFL at the moment. Lamar appears to be exorcising his playoff demons in real time. If anyone can slay the beast that is Baltimore on the road, you’d have to take Mahomes and hope for the best.

Poor Derek. I have a feeling he learned his lesson the hard way to not trust the Bills and their history of postseason ineptitude. Maybe some creative tattoo artist can get clever and rework the Roman numerals if/when Buffalo finally does bring home a Lombardi Trophy. More realistically, Derek is looking at a painful removal procedure.

Or… I guess it looks pretty easy to tattoo over…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock