C.J. Stroud Says Coaches & Players From Across The NFL Have Reached Out About Him Praising God: “There’s A Lot Of Us”

CJ Stroud

The Houston Texans’ season might have come to an end this past weekend, but their rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud showed the NFL world that he and his team will be in the mix for the foreseeable future.

Stroud’s remarkable play as a first year quarterback was one of the most captivating storylines during the football season. The Texans even made the playoffs with their rookie QB at the helm, and upset the Cleveland Browns during the NFL’s Wild Card weekend thanks to throws like this from Stroud:

After Houston took down the Browns, their reward for doing so was a game against an angry Baltimore Ravens team. There were still some analysts that liked the Texans to continue to play the spoiler role, but they ran into a Lamar Jackson led buzzsaw and were blown out 34 to 10.

Despite the loss, Stroud continued to praise his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (NBC was trying to edit it out of his post-game interviews), as he did for the entirety of his rookie season.

And in his time with the media this week following the Texans last game of the season, he talked about how his outspokenness in regards to his faith has been appreciated by other players and coaches across the league:

“I’ve gotten a lot of great people who have reached out and even guys after games who just talk about how I mention God and Christ and things like that. I always tell people it’s not me, you know what I’m saying? It’s Him.

It’s nothing I can do to ever repay what the Lord has done in my life, and I don’t want to. I just want to act on what He has called me to do. And I’m not perfect, I make mistakes everyday. But at the same time, I know the God I serve is a forgiving and graceful God.”

That’s some pretty mature stuff right there from a first year NFL quarterback (and that sound you hear off in the distance is the many NFL General Managers that are punching themselves for not drafting him).

Stroud continued to speak about how others in the NFL have applauded his efforts to talk openly about his faith, and he again showed off his mature nature by not taking any of the credit:

“Even like Coach (John) Harbaugh (from the Ravens), even saying that after they beat us, you can just see (that) there’s a lot of us out here too who love the Lord.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. I appreciate everyone who reaches out, and I’m not doing it to look cool. I’m doing it because that’s what God called me to do.”

You can listen to Stroud talk about his faith in the clip below:

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