Revisiting This Video Of A News Reporter Getting Cartwheeled By A Sledder

Tuber smokes reporter
Global News

That’s going to leave a mark.

Much of the country got hit with arctic temperatures and plenty of snow this past week, which meant that a lot of people got out to have some fun in the wintry conditions.

One of the best ways to enjoy a snow day is to break out the sleds and find a good hill, and 12 years ago, that’s what a reporter for Global News went out to cover.

Reporter Rob Leth was just trying to do a fun, remote segment for his news station, and instead got a one-way ticket on the pain train. Sledding can sometimes be a dangerous activity if done carelessly, but it’s the person in the sled that is usually the one most likely to get hurt.

This time around, it was a reporter standing at the bottom of the sledding slope, and what happened to poor Rob Leth was so bad, it almost looked as if it was a Hollywood stunt.

One part of the video could be freeze framed and paired with part of The Fresh Prince of Belair’s theme song:

“Now this is a story all about how my life got flip-turned upside down.”

Leth had his stop watch ready to go, and had just started the timer to see how long it took some sledders to get down the icy hill. Things got out of hand fast, because before you could say “watch out for that sled,” the Global News reporter was flying through the air after one of the inner tubes made direct contact with his legs.

Leth quickly transformed from news reporter to flying rag doll, and literally completed a full, unintentional flip after his lower half was nailed by the sledder, and then hit the ground hard.

Like a professional, Leth grabbed the microphone from the snow and managed to close out the segment by signing off:

“That was a bad idea. At Riverside Park, Rob Leth, Global News.”

He then slumped back over onto the packed wintry precipitation in pain as producers came to check on him. It appears Leth was able to walk it off, but something tells me he was going to be feeling that one for quite a long time.

You can view the hilarious footage below, which was captioned by Global News with:

“What started as a good idea, an inner tube toboggan race, turns quickly sour when Leth is hit head-on by one of the racers.”

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