Why Can’t I Be As Happy As These Panda Bears Playing In The Snow?

Panda playing in the snow

I know that headline might seem a little dramatic, but it’s actually a serious, sincere question.

What do these panda bears know that I don’t? How are they able to live such a care free life when, for most of their existence, they’ve been on the endangered species list?

They actually just recently got a bump up from “endangered” to “vulnerable,” which is great news for the panda bear community. However, just based on really any video that I’ve ever seen of pandas, it doesn’t seem like they were ever really worried about being on the verge of extinction.

There’s only one other panda bear video that I’ve seen recently that gives the one I’ve attached below a run for its money, and it’s the viral video of a panda bear banging on a door at a zoo. The clip was shared around a lot mainly because some people thought it was a person dressed up in a panda costume, and when you watch it, you’ll see why.

With the various bears playing in the snow in this video below, there’s no doubt that these are authentic, playful, carefree pandas. These creatures are often called “Giant Pandas” too, though I don’t think it has to do with their general size as much as it has to do with the “big ol’ times” they like to have.

If you’ve never seen pandas front roll, slide, and barrel roll in the snow, prepare yourself, because you are about to:

I’d love to have just 25% of the fun they are having in that video.

Everyone on social media that came across this day-brightening video agreed with me, and left replies underneath the clip voicing their fandom and appreciation of panda bears:

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