Giant Panda Bear Forcefully Beats On Feeding Door Like He’s About To Bust In With A Search Warrant


Panda or disguised FBI agent?

Once again, a bear in captivity from an Asian zoo has left the internet perplexed if it’s a bear or a human in a bear costume.

A giant panda bear in Liaoning, China, was videoed giving his best audition for the police force as he sternly bangs on a door in their enclosure. The New York Post reported that right after the video went viral on the Chinese version of TikTok, people quickly assumed the bear was a human in a bear suit.

“You see, I told you it’s a staff member dressed as a panda.”

“It’s a person! Definitely a person dressed up.”

Don’t these comments sound familiar to another viral video from a Chinese zoo? While the other bear accused of being a human gives a much more convincing case, it seems as though the internet will assume this with a video of any bear standing upright now.

However, the internet is wrong with this one.

Meet Pupu, a panda bear just trying to get more food from the zookeepers. Based on the forcefulness of each knock, the big bear is PISSED that his request for more bamboo is not being answered.

Although the bear looks like he is well-fed based on his physique, the bear disagrees as he wants more food. Part of me wonders if it was close to feeding time and Pupu was being a little impatient or if he needed a mid-day snack.

Regardless of the time of day, I would not want to be the zookeeper to open that feed door to an angry Pupu.

Here is how I can imagine a “knock knock” joke going down between Pupu and a zookeeper on the other side.

“Knock knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Panda, who?”

“An angry and hungry panda ready to beat the sh*t out of you.” 

Someone let this panda into the police academy because he is ready to beat down some doors during search warrants.

@pandahomechina Open the door please ,it’s urgent #panda #cutepandas ♬ original sound – PandaHome

TikTok users quickly filled the comment section, agreeing with the “OPEN UP” vibe this bear gives with each bang.

“He has a warrant.”


“Panda police knocking at the door.”

“He’ll make a good bill collector.”

“It’s about your car’s extended warranty.”

“Somebody owes him money.”

“When you gotta go and can’t hold it anymore.”

“He demands justice.”

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