Joe Rogan Goes Scorched Earth On Government For Mistreating Farmers: “They’re The People Who Grow Your Food”

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There’s one thing for certain about Joe Rogan, and it’s that he’s always going to stand up for what he believes in.

It’s always intriguing to tune into the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, as he brings in a variety of different guests with varying opinions and from various walks of life.

Earlier this month, Rogan brought in stand up comedian and actor Jim Breuer, who is also known for his Breuniverse podcast.

While on the show, the two discussed the issue of the negative treatment farmers receive from the government part, particularly in Germany where farmers are protesting the government for subsidy cuts, and boy, Rogan wasn’t holding back.

He told Breuer:

“How about let them be farmers you f*cking c****. They’re the people who grow your food god d*mn it. Wake up to why anybody would do that. What f*cking government would f*ck with the farmers.

What government would make it harder on the farmers? You’re telling me that’s your number one problem is the farmers? How much crime do you have? How many murders? How many thieves? How many rapists? How many child molesters? How many swindlers? How many people are ripping people off? How many credit card fraudsters do you have out there? And you’re going after farmers? There’s no way that’s positive.”

It’s not only a hot topic in Germany, but also here in the United States, where Donald Trump Jr. recently reposted a video of the police raiding an organic farmer.

You can check out the full conversation on Rogan below:

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