Arkansas Cowboy And His Trusty Steed Rescue Drivers Stranded In The Snow

man and his horse

“Now this is what you call cowboy weather.”

Those were the words of Doc Leavy, a man from North Little Rock, Arkansas who had no problem going about his business when snow storm hit the Natural State earlier this week.

While many southerners had a tough time driving on the slick roads, Doc decided to head into town on a different type of vehicle: His trusty horse named Champ.

That’s right, this guy saddled up and rode into town like something out of the wild west, but a trip to Kroger wasn’t the only thing he had in mind.

He said to THV11 that he had helped out a handful of motorists stuck in the snow and last year was able to get a dozen drivers back up and moving in what’s become something of a tradition when winter weather blows through the area.

“I mean this horse is just as strong as the tractor you know. If a car is trying to spin out but you ask them not to spin out, you tell him to just ease on the gas. So he eases on the gas and the horse pulls and they come right out.

I try not to charge them, somebody to come through that needs some help. But if I was in their shoes, I want some help instead of sitting out in the cold, especially if they got kids in the car.”

Honestly, is there anything cooler than that? Strapping your trusty steed up to some soccer mom’s minivan and saving the day, tipping your hat before moving on to help the next one? I’d sure like to buy Doc a beer or three, seems like the best type of people.

“Some people do say it’s wild but you know this is cowboy life. So doing it in the city ain’t no different than doing it in the country.”

Me and my buddies used to do this with my old Jeep but that pales in comparison to being a knight in Carhartt armor coming to the rescue.

Big shoutout to Doc Leavy. It’s good to know there’s still great people out there in the world that are willing to help anyone who needs it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock