So Seagulls Are Eating Squirrels Now?

seagull eats squirrel

Sometimes something happens that makes you pause and reconsider everything you once thought was a solid part of reality.

I just had one of those moments.

Like most people, I’m relatively familiar with seagulls. They squawk, poop all over the place, and can ruin an otherwise perfect beach day when the kids next to you start feeding them Cheetos, but for the most part they’re just background noise near saltwater and aren’t really thought of beyond that.

But then this video came across my feed and all of those ideas changed.

The bulk of a seagull’s diet is fish and other marine life, but they’ll pretty much gulp down anything they can get their hands on (Hence why they stay as close to humans as possible) and this video shows just how willing these birds are to eat literally anything available.

Captured by a guy who happened to be driving past the right place at the right time, this video shows a seagull eating an entire squirrel.

Yes, you read that right, a seagull eating a squirrel.

Not a baby one either, a full grown squirrel with a big bushy tail to boot.

Unfortunately, we don’t see how this started, it’s possible the squirrel was already dead when the seagull spotted it, but when the filming started over half the squirrel was already in the seagull’s mouth.

Truthfully, I can’t wrap my head around how it’s possible for a couple pound bird to swallow a squirrel weighing around a pound (that would be like me swallowing an Australian Cattle Dog) but it did, though it looked quite uncomfortable. I thought the seagull was about to start choking at any point but it never happened, even when all left visible was a bushy tail peaking out of its beak.

After making it’s final gulp, the seagull took off into the air and almost immediately got hit by a car, but hey, after that much food you can’t blame it for being a bit delirious like we are after Thanksgiving.

Am I crazy or is this seagull crazy? It has to be one of us and I don’t think it’s me…

My perception of the world just changed drastically.

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A beer bottle on a dock