Gentle Giant Of A Catfish Swallows Clueless Seagull


Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen it all, another animal does something unexpected to impress you.

I love fishing, and I love going for catfish, but the idea that one this size may take the bait is both exciting and a bummer, because there’s absolutely zero chance I’d be able to do anything but let it break my line.

There’s no context for this video but I’m assuming it takes place somewhere in Asia or Europe just by the size of this catfish. The longest one ever caught was in Italy (9.4 feet long) and the heaviest was caught in Thailand (646 pounds).

While this particular fish wasn’t going to break either one of those marks, it sure was a beast even judging just from the little glimpse we get.

The cameraman was focusing in on a seagull minding its own business between two piers when suddenly a literal monster comes up slowly from under the surface, with a grace very unexpected from its size. It then gently grabs the bird and turns back under the water, sending up a good sized splash when its tail hits the surface.

Truly, I don’t have many words for this other than wow.

We know there’s giant creatures in the ocean, but there’s certainly ones in freshwater as well.

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