Luke Grimes Releases Impressive Acoustic Live Performance Video Of “Burn”

Luke Grimes country music

Luke Grimes continues to impress with his country music chops.

The Yellowstone star possibly better known as Kayce Dutton released his debut country EP Pain Pills Or Pews this past October, and I was thoroughly impressed with the Dave Cobb-produced record.

Today, Grimes released a new acoustic video of his song “Burn” as part of the Spotify OUTSIDE Sessions filmed in Nashville, and I definitely think I like this stripped-back version even better than the original.

The song was co-written by Grimes, as he sings about knowing a relationship is doomed from the start and accepting the fact that it’s eventually going to end and probably not end well.

I’m always partial to hearing a song in this type of setting with a simple production, and I think it further proves that he really does have a great voice and natural knack for performing country music.

Luke says he’s excited to be able to have a unique way to experience this song:

“I’m really grateful to the good folks at Spotify and the OUTSIDE team for allowing us to bring a new perspective to ‘Burn’ and giving fans a unique way to experience the song.”

We’ll see if 2024 might even bring us a full-length debut album from the Ohio native, or at least a few more singles, which I think we can definitely expect after the success of the aforementioned EP.

He continues to impress with each release, and after hearing this performance and the purity of his vocals without a big production to lean on, I’m even more excited for what’s coming from him down the road.

Check it out, it’s definitely worth a few minutes out of your Tuesday:

The studio cut:

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