John Daly Can Still Easily Drink 40 Beers In A Day, Says He Drank 3 Bottles Of Vodka With Kid Rock

John Daly and Kid Rock
The Tucker Carlson Encounter

At this point, is John Daly known more for his golf or his drinking?

That’s honestly a tough question to answer, and if you had to try and get to the bottom of it, you could probably solve the puzzle by saying “yes.” He’s certainly known for his golfing and the loud personality he brought to the traditionally quiet game, but I’d venture to say more people know him as of late just for being a certified party animal.

Daly certainly showed that when he sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson recently, which Kid Rock also sat in on. Why you might be asking? Well, I’ve got a theory that people like Kid Rock and John Daly just find themselves gravitating towards one another. There’s a chance Tucker Carlson just ran into them during one of their wild benders and decided to slap a camera in front of them…

The former Fox News host has been wading out in deeper waters so to speak with some of his interviews now that he’s “on his own,” and Carlson must know that people would click on a segment that features Daly and Kid Rock together.

Whether Carlson was genuinely curious, or if he wanted to see if the pro golfer had bested his own personal record, he asked John Daly about the beer in his hand:

“What’s the most number of those (beers) you’ve consumed at once?”

And it was as if John Daly had been waiting for someone to ask him that question his entire life. Daly paused only for a moment (to finish his sip of beer) and fired back at Carlson, saying:

“Oh I can drink 40 of these in a day. 40, easily. I’ve sat with him when I drink three bottles of vodka.”

If only drinking was an Olympic sport…

That answer should be delivered with some sort of gravity, but Daly said it about as nonchalantly as possible. In the second part of his statement, he pointed over towards Kid Rock so he could confirm his answer to Carlson.

Kid Rock holds up his hand as if he was being sworn in, and as he takes the cigar out of his mouth to back up his buddy’s drinking numbers, he laughs as he says:

“Ha, confirmed.”

You can view the hilarious clip (and marvel at John Daly’s tolerance for alcohol) at the link below:

Here’s the full conversation:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock