Plane Carrying Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Equipment Issues

Jason Aldean Luke Bryan

Scary situation.

We’ve already seen some issues on airplanes lately, with the recent incident on the Alaska Airlines plane where the entire door fell off mid-flight.

Luckily it doesn’t seem like this one was quite so severe, but Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean recently experienced some tense moments themselves when the plane they were on was forced to make an emergency landing due to equipment trouble.

And the two gave us their side of the story while livestreaming on Instagram from a Dairy Queen drive-thru.

It all happened while Luke and Jason were in St. Louis for the Archery Trade Association’s annual show. According to Luke:

“We duck hunted this morning. We flew to St. Louis. We landed. We did the ATA Show with Buck Commander.”

Jason added:

“And we were supposed to get back on the plane, fly back, it was gonna be a 30-minute flight. Easy, easy,”

But things didn’t exactly go as planned, as Luke describes:

“It was so cold. In St. Louis it’s like, 16 degrees, wind was blowing 40 miles an hour. Some of the instruments on the plane were not (working)…so we had to turn and land. And yeah, it was a little tense.”

And Jason described just how tense those moments were:

“Our plane, we thought, was gonna fall out of the sky.”


Well everything turned out ok, and Luke and Jason ended up renting a car, and stopping at Dairy Queen for some burgers and chicken strips after making it safely back to the ground – because, as Jason said, it was their only option.

And the two seemed to be in good spirits after the ordeal, with Luke giving an update on their trip:

“Now we’re on I-55, at a Dairy Queen, we’re getting some chicken fingers, I just peed beside the road, and Jason’s the driver.”

Although Jason quickly added:

“Because I don’t trust you to drive.”

Glad everybody’s safe and they can laugh about it now.


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