Watch Zach Bryan & Sierra Ferrell Perform “Holy Roller” For The First Time Live

Zach Bryan Sierra Ferrell country music

“Holy Roller” hits the stage at the Wild Horses Festival.

It’s about time Ferrell took the stage with Zach Bryan, and San Diego was the lucky city that heard “Holy Roller” live from the duo for the first time. Sierra Ferrell and Zach Bryan were on the bill for the festival at Petco Park, so naturally, it made sense for the two to take the stage together and finally sing the track live.

In front of 40,000 people, with little practice, they did the damn thing, and although it had a few hiccups, it’s charming, and they still sound great together.

The two kicked off the song, but quickly after the first verse, they started forgetting the words or jumping ahead, leading to some funny little “oh sorrys” into the mic as they got back on track. Ferrell even took to social media, noting that they were messing up, but being on stage with Bryan was still a blast.

“When you mess up in front of 40k people, but it still felt like it was just us jamming.” 

She shared to her Instagram story.

Ferrell was also not afraid to get in the comments section on a post from the festival where users said she was the one who forgot the words, but in reality, she and Bryan both were missing them.

“We both did playa haha.”

Regardless of what wrong words were sung or words that were missed, the two seemed like they were having a blast on stage. The crowd carried them through the hiccups, leading to a great performance.

If you can’t have fun on stage and with the crowd what’s the point, right? They have lots of time to perfect “Holy Roller” between now and when they hit the road together for the Quittin’ Time Tour this summer.

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