Banff Tourist Warned To Leash His Dog As It Approaches Elk, Responds With “He Ain’t No Shih Tzu”

Dog owner Banff

There are some people in this world that really don’t care what you think or what you have to say.

One of those people is the owner of the rottweiler in this video. His big dog was off the leash and approaching some wild elk in Banff National Park, and people passing by in their car decided to inform the pet owner how dangerous it is to let his dog “Capone” get so close to wildlife.

And I say “inform,” but the tone in which the following was said was what some would call a little passive aggressive:

“Guys, put your dog back on the leash. That’s really dangerous.”

I think the interaction went so bad the rest of the way because that initial statement was said with such disgust. The guy on the side of the road with his rottweiler clapped back with one of the most arrogant and moronic responses imaginable, before trying to call his dog away from the elk:

“Don’t worry, he’s a boss. Capone, come. Capone, come here.”

I mean, naming your dog Capone says all you need to know about this guy, but the “boss” comment got the people in the car fired back up, as the guy shouted from the driver’s seat:

“They deal with wolves on a daily basis. They’ll kick your dog’s ass.”

Not wrong…

And the guy in the car should have known that you NEVER trash talk another man’s rottweiler. The dog owner decided to get one last jab in as the car began to pull away, saying:

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. He ain’t no Shih Tzu like your dog probably.”


Again, I think if the people in the car would have been a little nicer from the get go, this whole encounter might’ve have gone differently, but then again, who knows. It doesn’t look like Capone the dog got its ass kicked by the elk, but who’s to say what happened after the camera rolled away?

I’m sure the driver and the dog owner wouldn’t have minded to kick each other’s ass after how all of this went down:

@michaeljai_ What would you do if you saw this? 🦌#rotweiler #elk #dog #ahole ♬ original sound – 🅜🅙 ༽ © ℗

It seemed like most of everyone that viewed that high tension interaction (it wasn’t tense because of the elk, let’s make that clear) sided with the people in the car:

“That dude obviously doesn’t care about his dog and shouldn’t have one. I can’t believe his comment was what it was.”

“Luckily when the elk start to maul the humans, the dog can run away since it’s not leashed.”

“Egos really do run this world.”

“Do people not realize how immensely strong elk and other deer are?!”

“I would have just sat back and watched nature take its course.”

And to be fair, that elk could easily wreck that dog, which is why it’s the law to have your dog on a leash at all times in the park. It’s also illegal to harass wildlife so “Capone” and his owner could be looking a couple of tickets from the ol’ park ranger.

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