Jake Kohn Covering Sierra Ferrell’s “Whispering Waltz” Is Sensational

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Jake Kohn

One of my favorite Sierra Ferrell songs with some grit thrown on it.

2024 is about to be a breakout year for Jake Kohn. After he went massively viral, from his Radio WV video to signing with Atlantic Records backstage at his Grand Ole Opry debut, the end of 2023 was a whirlwind for the young artist.

After the release of his debut single “Frostbite,” I know I have been chomping at the bit for new music from Kohn, but as I wait for his next single, this cover scratches the itch for new music. Kohn took to Instagram to share a cover of Sierra Ferrell’s “Whispering Waltz.”

The beautiful acoustic song features Ferrell’s whimsical, airy vocals as she sings the heartbreaking lyrics of a man having an affair and the reaction to finding out about the other woman. The lyrics are haunting and stick to your ribs as they are sung, making for an incredible song.

I read the caption to see that Jake Kohn was putting his spin on the song before I unmuted the video, and immediately dialed in to see how Kohn’s raspy and powerful voice would sound compared to Ferrell’s delicate sound.

“Really looking forward to opening for Sierra on some dates on her upcoming tour. Here’s one of the songs of hers I’ve had in cover rotation for a while but never got a video of.”

Kohn knocked this cover out of the park. His voice sounds like he has lived a thousand lives as he puts a grittiness on the lyrics while highlighting a softer side of his vocals.

The words feel so real as they leave his lips, and he adds the perfect amount of growl on certain words and eases off the gas on others, amplifying the haunting effect of the lyrics.

“So the tears down my cheek, how they flow
Now you don’t have to whisper, I know.

I have full-body chills listening to this clip, and I have had it on repeat the whole duration of my writing…I can’t get enough. Jake Kohn, get in the studio and cut this full song now; I’m begging.

Kohn is set to support Sierra Ferrell during the final leg of her Shoot For The Moon Tour, and if you haven’t snagged tickets for the show yet, I’d hop to it because many stops are issuing a low ticket warning.

I hope Ferrell has Kohn join her on stage during their time together.

Without Sierra Ferrell first singing this song, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this cover. So, if you aren’t familiar with “Whispering Waltz,” fire it up. I have a feeling it will quickly become a favorite.

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