Red-Tailed Hawk Swipes Fresh Cut Snapper Filet From Right Under Fisherman’s Nose

Hawk steals fish

Everyone knows Uncle Sam collects his taxes, but anglers are well aware that every now and again you have the pay the piper in the form of a predatory animal.

Whether it’s a bald eagle or a sea lion, at some point in every angler’s life, something is going to steal your catch. For my dad, brother, and I, it was a giant snapping turtle that ate a bunch of bass we had on a stringer, but for these two guys, it just so happened to be a red-tailed hawk.

Two guys had themselves a successful day fishing down in Florida and were cleaning some red snapper when a raptor flew from a perch behind them and snagged a filet before either of them could react.

If it wasn’t captured on video the one guy may have not noticed anything other than a whoosh flying past him, but fortunately for us, we’re able to see the whole thing in slow motion HD.

I have to admit, if I were a wild animal and saw that beautiful pile of read to eat filets just laying out in the open I’d probably take a chance at it too and this hawk made the most of it, getting a decent amount in its talons before flying off to eat in peace.

The whole thing happened in less than a second but my goodness is it fun to watch. If you’ve got yourself some snapper on the dock, just be careful to avoid the taxman; they come in all shapes and sizes.

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A beer bottle on a dock