Zach Bryan Endorses Country Newcomer Noeline Hofmann With Latest ‘Belting Bronco Session’

Noeline Hoffman country music

If Zach Bryan’s name is tied to an artist, listen up.

After his announcement of Levi Turner as his first signee to his Belting Bronco label, it appears that Zach Bryan has found his next diamond in the rough to endorse, and wow, this girl’s voice is a breath of fresh air.

World, meet Noeline Hofmann.

The 20-year-old Canada native combines inspiration from growing up in rolling western plains with grittiness, creating a sound that is precisely what the country music space is moving towards. Zach Bryan first discovered Hofmann in October of 2023 when she posted a video of her original track “Purple Gas,” which is the same single she sings in her ‘Belting Bronco Session.’ Her bio best describes the viral moment that ZB gave her once he posted about her single.

“In October, a video clip of Hofmann’s song “Purple Gas” picked up organic traction on TikTok and Instagram, quickly garnering the attention of international superstar Zach Bryan. 

Bryan shared the song with his fans, accelerating its viral success of 2 million views to date at breakneck speed leaving Hofmann with listeners around the world awaiting a debut release to streaming with bated breath. “Purple Gas” has since received accolades and shares from thousands of fans, including stars Parker McCollum and Noah Kahan.”

After Hofmann’s successes with this single on social media, it only made sense for Zach Bryan to have her on for the seventh episode of his famed ‘Belting Bronco Sessions.’ ZB is doing good by this girl having her on because 1) this single is a twanger and 2) this girl walks the walk and talks the talk.

Hofmann ranches when she is not working on her music, and the lyrics of “Purple Gas” are inspired directly by events she has seen on the farm.

“I wrote it in October while thinking about my boss at the ranch job I’d left about a year ago that month. ‘American Heartbreak’ was one of the soundtracks to my time there. We spent some of my last days putting in fence, brace posts being old rail ties. We had a couple of bottles kicking around in the shop among the cattle meds. He’d say, “It just never ends, Noeline, it just never ends.” It reminded me of how the flatlands feel the same when you stand out there in their vastness & you could run forever and your surroundings wouldn’t change.

The experiences & observations of others’ stories that created “Purple Gas” gave me an iron chin, scars on my hands, dirt you can’t wash off, & more understanding of my old man & of broken dreams.”

Accompanied by a few members of Bryan’s band, this session is incredible. While the old Bronco moves, Hofmann belts out the lyrics, highlighting the resilience of those ranchers who shaped her character.

“And if I weren’t a flatland boy
I’d say I have a hill
A hill that I will die upon
If the climb don’t get me killed
if there were such heights around here
For a guy to lay his pride
Maybe I’d rest before I died
If I weren’t a flatland boy.”

Accompanied by the gentle melodies of an acoustic guitar and a melancholy fiddle, this performance proves, if nothing else, Noeline is a hidden gem in country music… but not for long. Viewers of the session agree, raving about how incredible this young artist is.

“Amazing way to show the revival of true country music. No digs on the last 15 years, but these artists are onto the roots of America.”

Take a listen for yourself.

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