Washington State DNR Shades Michigan About Not Actually Having Any Wolverines There

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Sports are the best.

Even though the college football season is officially winding down, the trash talk around it was just getting started earlier today. It’s pretty impressive when your state department of national resources gets into the thick of things with their own jab.

That’s exactly what the Washington State Department of Natural Resources did this morning as they backed up their state’s university. The Washington Huskies are taking on the Michigan Wolverines in the National Championship game, and Washington’s DNR managed to roast Michigan with a factual post.

They sent out a message saying:

“Good morning from the only state playing football today that actually has wolverines.”

Shoutout to them for bringing up the weird nicknames and mascots of the sports world. Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan team is, in fact, nicknamed the Wolverines, even though the state of Michigan does not have a wolverine population.

A wolverine hasn’t been spotted within Michigan state lines since 2004, while wolverines actually have a presence in the state of Washington. All in all, it was a pretty well played post by the Washington Department of Natural Resources.

But one could argue that the comeback from Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources was just as well crafted, with their social media account reposting the original message from Washington’s DNR and asking:

“What’s more REMOTE, the places wolverines live in Washington state or the Huskies’ chances of winning the football game?”

Burns all over the place…

It was good to see the Natural Resource Departments have some fun with one another, and I can’t imagine the back and forth that will come from them when the national champion is actually crowned.

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