It’s Simply Hilarious That Aaron Rodgers Said New York Jets Need To “Flush The Bullsh*t” To Turn Things Around

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The NFL gives out all kinds of superlative awards at the end of the year like “Most Valuable Player” and “Defensive Player of the Year,” and I think Aaron Rodgers has a chance to win the “Offensive Player” award, only because he’s offended a lot of people with some of his recent comments.

Rodgers has been a guest on The Pat McAfee Show all season long, and he’s said some pretty outlandish stuff almost every week. Most of it has been laughed off throughout the year, but his most recent commentary about Jeffrey Epstein’s client list, and who could be on it, that has gotten him in some trouble.

The New York Jets quarterback implied that late night host Jimmy Kimmel could be nervous when it came out, and that has caused quite the controversy. Pat McAfee first tried to walk back the comments that were made on his show, then he shifted gears and called out ESPN (his employer) in emphatic fashion.

Aaron’s comments also caused FOX Sports analyst Nick Wright to take 14 minutes to try and disassemble the entire situation, which he ultimately summed up by saying that Rodgers is a “malignant dangerous force.” And just so you don’t have to Google it, malignant basically means “evil.”

Aaron is a well-known troll, who loves to feed the media with tasty quotes, watch them rage, and then comment on the said outrage with more tasty quotes… and then the cycle continues. But to be fair, Rodgers and Kimmel have had beef ever since the Rodgers caught COVID and the media, (not the team) found out he wasn’t vaccinated. Plus, one of Jimmy Kimmel’s best friends, chef Adam Perry Lang, was Jeffrey Epstein’s personal chef for a number of years. There is a connection there, not one that implies any wrongdoing whatsoever, but it didn’t completely come out of left field.

All of that brings us to some more stuff that Aaron Rodgers said to the media earlier today as the New York Jets complete their closing statements and media availability. While the Jets QB was speaking to the media, he was asked about what needs to change ahead of next season.

Rodgers responded by saying this:

When he was asked again about what the New York Jets need to do to turn things around, he kept things short and sweet and used a toilet analogy with his answer:

“Flush the bullsh*t.”

And if you were wondering, yes, Rodgers was asked about his Jimmy Kimmel comments, and instead of addressing them in a professional setting, the QB continued to be a billboard for The Pat McAfee Show and told people to “tune in” tomorrow to see what he had to say.

It’s objectively hilarious that Aaron Rodgers said the team needs to “cut the b.s.” and avoid distractions in order to win, all while arguably doing nothing but talking bullsh*t, making headlines, and being a distraction for the entire year while he was off the field.

He has to know that, right? Is he trolling us, again? Social media was quick to call out Rodgers hypocrisy, and made a number of all-time great memes directed at the all-time great quarterback:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock