“He’s Gone From Wacky Conspiracist To Malignant Dangerous Force” – Nick Wright Tears Into Aaron Rodgers Again Over Kimmel Epstein Comments

Nick Wright
What's Wright? with Nick Wright

Aaron Rodgers has been one of the biggest talking points of the NFL this season, and he only played four total snaps of football.

The storylines throughout the Super Bowl winning quarterback’s career have usually revolved around his effortless touchdown throws, or his courageous come-from-behind wins. These days, Rodgers is making headlines for his commentary on various subjects from sports to media to medicine.

What the New York Jets quarterback said this past week on The Pat McAfee Show has dominated the news cycle, and even caused Pat McAfee to walk back what happened and ensure his audience that what they set out to do is be a “positive and uplifting show.”

To make a longer story shorter, Aaron went onto the ESPN broadcast and implied that late night host Jimmy Kimmel was going to be “nervous” when the list of high-profile people and celebrities connected with Jeffrey Epstein came out. By doing so, Rodgers was connecting the longtime ABC late show host to pedophilia and criminal activity, which is reckless to say the least, and garnered a very serious legal threat from Kimmel.

Of course, Kimmel and Rodgers have had beef since the whole “immunized” fiasco of the 2021 season, trading jabs (no pun intended) over interviews and on Kimmel’s show. And Kimmel has been linked to Jeffrey Epstein through his good friend Adam Perry Lang, who was Epstein’s personal chef for a number years. All of this to say that Rodgers comments, while perhaps reckless, weren’t completely out of nowhere.

All of this very much concerned FOX Sports host Nick Wright, who has not shied away from calling out Rodgers in the past. He recently went on an unhinged rant about the longtime Green Bay Packer being “the most disingenuous athlete” of his lifetime, and this morning, Wright sent out some posts on Twitter discussing the situation with Rodgers’ latest comments:

And flesh it out he did, because Wright dove right into the subject and stayed there for almost a half hour on his show What’s Wright? With Nick Wright.

The FOX Sports host first laid out the groundwork for the situation, saying:

“So Aaron Rodgers went on McAfee’s show, they were talking conspiracy theories that he may or may not believe because he brought up the Super Bowl logo color scheme conspiracy theory that is very popular amongst the dumbest people on the internet.

For reasons I don’t totally understand, A.J. Hawk brings up the Epstein list that people thought was going to be released today or this week… and Rodgers essentially implied that Jimmy Kimmel, who works for the same company, is nervous about this list coming out.”

Instead of focusing in on the part of the story that most everyone else in the media has, like “should Rodgers be allowed back on the show” and “how will ESPN handle Pat McAfee after this,” (ESPN allowed Pat to release his own statement and won’t be commenting) Nick Wright argued that Rodgers might not be “playing the role” of a conspiracy theorist just to troll people, and more specifically the media, anymore… he might just be a conspiracy theorist.

To back it up, Wright referenced another thing that Rodgers had said in recent weeks, where he suggested that the medical world was being run by “alphabet gangsters.” That term that was used by Rodgers was in reference to the phrase “alphabet mafia,” which is a term that usually refers to the more aggressive, activist memebers of the LGBTQ community.

Nick suggested that was yet another example of Rodgers not being entirely informed on what he was talking about, and suggested that the QB had no idea what the term meant when he used it:

“I would bet my life he’s not homophobic. I think he used that term not knowing what it meant. He is so deep in the toxic internet brain vortex, that it got lumped in with the ‘mass delusion psychosis’ he talks about.

And the Super Bowl logo memes, and the ‘debate me, bro’ to Fauci, and the Epstein list… it all is just one stew of a brain that’s been melted.”

When Nick Wright called Aaron Rodgers the “most disingenuous athlete” of his lifetime, he said it from a place of anger. As he traversed this touchy subject about the Jets quarterback’s recent commentary, Wright said it from a place of concern and disappointment.

It’s in that tone that Wright talked through most of his perspective on Rodgers, and finished off his argument by saying this:

“One of our most prominent voices in sports has become the face, the voice, and more importantly, the megaphone for any bat-sh*t crazy, half-baked theory he stumbles across on the internet.

And it unfortunately is a bit of a canary in the coal mine for what a lot of us are dealing with in our own personal lives with our friends, family or extended family.”

You can view the entire segment from What’s Wright? with Nick Wright at the link below:

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