Taylor Sheridan Says ‘Yellowstone’ “Has No Plot” During Appearance On Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Taylor Sheridan
Joe Rogan Experience

I have to admit, this wait for the second half of Yellowstone season five is getting the best of me.

First off, we get told that Kevin Costner will no longer be a part of the Yellowstone saga, and the second half of season five will be the conclusion of the show, after it was initially believed the show would go on for at least seven seasons.

Then, we’re told that we probably won’t be getting the second half of season five until this November, due to the ongoing writers strike that’s been pushing production back on all platforms.

However, considering I’ve been trying to fill this Yellowstone void for quite some time now, I was stoked to see that writer Taylor Sheridan made an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

I mean c’mon, you gotta love it when two guys who have always voiced their opinions get together and talk about everything under the sun for three and a half hours.

During the podcast, Sheridan made a confession about Yellowstone that kinda took me back a little.

While Joe Rogan was expressing his praise for the show, along with its prequel series 1923 and 1883, Sheridan shockingly responded:

“‘Yellowstone’ is the punk rock me… it has no plot, really, ‘don’t take my land, I want your land,’ and in that I have a lot of opportunities to poke fun, but also kind of point out different points of views, and kind of really study a way of life and a world. There’s a lot of defiance in the way I do it. It’s not surprising that critics hate it.”

Regardless of your opinions on Yellowstone’s “plot,” you can’t deny the success the show has seen over the past five years.

You can check out the full conversation below:


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