Megan Moroney To Release Fan-Favorite Song “No Caller ID” This Month

Megan Moroney country music
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Megan Moroney confirmed that she has a new single dropping this month, one she’s been teasing out on the road for quite a while now called “No Caller ID.”

The breakup song has a really unique concept, which finds Meg’s ex finding new ways to contact her, though through the verses in the song, she eventually realizes she’s moved on enough and doesn’t want to pick up the call with “no caller ID” anymore.

She shared a teaser of the studio cut over on TikTok earlier, and I think it’s such a great song that I can’t wait to hear in its entirety, in the form it will likely be included in on the next record.

A fan in the comments asked her if she’d “release soon,” and Meg replied:

“How about this month?”

We don’t have an exact date quite yet, but seeing as we’re already almost one week into January, I don’t think we’ll have to wait too much longer:

Megan Moroney country music

Check it out:

@megmoroney ft the waterbugs 😎 #nocallerID ♬ original sound – Megan Moroney

Meg also perviously noted that she’s “almost done” writing her second album, and teased another unreleased song a few weeks back called “28th of June” that is equally as beautiful, and I hope to get to hear on her sophomore project:

Today, the Georgia native released a perfect cover of Chris Stapleton’s supremely underrated deep cut “What Are You Listening To?”

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