Megan Moroney Teases Another New Song, “No Caller ID”

Megan Moroney country music
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Miss Moroney is teasing more new unreleased music.

This one Megan Moroney has already taken out on the road, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the stage time means it will be released as a single soon.

Earlier this week, Moroney teased another song titled “28th Of June” and shared with fans that she is almost done writing her next album. Talk about an announcement to close out her already electric year. She is carrying her Lucky streak into 2024.

On the single she teased today, “No Caller ID,” the seemingly sad breakup anthem has a positive twist at the end of moving on and not taking calls from the ex that keeps trying to wiggle their way back into your life.

You finally say no, and don’t pick up the phone from the “No Caller ID” number that keeps ringing you late at night.

@megmoroney WHEN IM MOVINNN ON YOU MOVE BACK IN #countrymusic ♬ original sound – Megan Moroney

The acoustic ballad tells a complete story from heartbroken to healed as the narrator first answers all the calls from the “mystery” number, and as each verse goes on, it shows how mending a broken heart takes time, but eventually, you get there, and you don’t feel the need to pick up.

As the song goes on, you hear the narrator’s tone change from wanting to give the ex a second chance to questioning why he can’t let her move on and why he has to keep drunk dialing her phone.

“Why do you do it?
Do you just hate losing?

Here you come again
Who could it be
It’s 3 AM,
No caller ID.”

The emo cowgirl has done it again with this one, and I hope we get it across streaming platforms in the near future. In the meantime, listen to the whole song thanks to some audience members who caught it on camera during the Lucky Tour. 

Megan Moroney Teases Heartbreaker Called “28th Of June,” Says She’s Almost Done Writing Next Album.

Megan Moroney is teasing new music, and I LOVE this song.

She shared a demo of a tune she just wrote called “28th of June,” which is a breakup song as the date signifies an old anniversary, though she and the guy are no longer together.

Meg recalls how last summer she and her ex spent the evening exchanging cards and having a romantic night with “rose petals on the bed,” and this year, it’s “just another Tuesday”:

“28th of June it was me and you
Rose petals on the bed and I love you
Written on a ‘Happy one year’ card,
Here’s to forever you have my heart

Drank a bottle of red and opened up another
Danced around the room holdin’ on to each other
Like we were never gonna let go
I was too naive to know
Just cuz something’s good don’t mean it lasts”

I love the perspective and the way this song was written, or at least the part she shared on Instagram, and I really hope it makes the cut when it comes time to pick songs for the next album.

And actually, Meg commented on the post that she’s “almost done” writing her second album, which hopefully means we might get another full-length project from her sometime next year:

“Almost done writing my second record.”

The Georgia native released her debut studio album Lucky earlier this year, and it was easily one of my favorites from 2023.

You can listen to “28th of June” below, and I highly recommend doing so because it already sounds like a stone-cold country heartbreaker:

Her current single at country radio is “I’m Not Pretty”:

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