Yellowstone’s Taylor Sheridan Calls Being A Vegan For Ethical Reasons “One Of The Most Absurd Positions Anyone Can Take”

Taylor Sheridan and Joe Rogan
The Joe Rogan Experience

Talk about two intriguing personalities coming together.

We all know Joe Rogan as a UFC personality, standup comedian, and the front man of one of the most popular podcasts in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience. And on the other side, you have Taylor Sheridan, one of the greatest screenwriters in the game, and of course the writer of Yellowstone, its prequels, and other popular Paramount Network shows like Tulsa King, Mayor Of Kingstown, Special Ops: Lioness.

Sheridan is also an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter for his work on Hell Or Highwater, as well as Wind River, Sicario and more.

Sheridan made a recent appearance on Rogan’s podcast, which is honestly one I’ve been waiting on for a long time, considering the two are known for voicing their personal opinions, and not really giving two sh*ts what you think about it. While on the podcast, the two decided to dive into a very controversial topic… veganism.

The vegans and meat eaters have been butting heads for years, and it has only gotten worse with the emergence of cancel culture. So, needless to say I was all ears for this conversation.

Sheridan came right out and said:

“I think one of the most absurd positions anyone can take, is they’re a vegan for an ethical reason. It’s preposterous. You can do it for a medical reason. I don’t know what that reason would be, maybe you can’t process meat and can’t process proteins like that. But to do it for an ethical reason is absurd.

And the reason I say that is I have plowed a field. It is carnage. It is 12-feet of carnage. And every single plant that you eat is going to be tilled into the ground at some capacity. So you’re gonna kill everything… People have to understand, you have to take ownership.”

Rogan agreed:

“Ted Nugent came on this podcast and said, if you want to kill the most things, become a vegan. If you’re thinking about individual life. If  you don’t think that one life equals one life, if you think that small things aren’t as valuable as large things, that’s a totally different discussion and that’s a weird discussion.

But if you think that all life is sacred, think about the life of ground nesting birds, fawns, the lives of rodents, insects those things are getting demolished.”

Sheridan made another good point, saying:

“If you look anywhere in the ecosystem, take man out of it. Virtually everything is living at the expense of another organism, to the degree that if a certain weed grows up over the grass it’s killing the grass.

This little sapling grows up over the grass, it’s killing the grass. If the grass grows up before the weeds, it kills the weeds… there is not a vegan fish, there’s not a vegetarian fish. Every fish, every frog, they’re eating another organism to survive. Every one of them.”

Taylor also pointed out that it takes 3 gallons of water to make one almond, so when you add up all the water it takes to water an almond tree, which has 10,000 almonds on it, the real environmental impact of that almond milk you’re drinking is a costly one… especially in a state like California that has no water and is simultaneously the world’s largest producer of almonds.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

You can check out the full conversation below:

Of course, this very conversation played out on an episode of Yellowstone, where Kevin Costner’s character John Dutton explains to vegan activist Summer that farming and crop production kills tons and tons of small animals every time the plow makes another pass.

In the show, Summer was protesting farmers, ranchers, the death of animals, and meat production’s alleged destruction of the environment… you know, your day-to-day tree hugger bullsh*t, when John explained to her the real price of being a vegan.

He said:

“You ever plow a field? To plant the quinoa or sorghum or whatever the hell it is you eat. You kill everything on the ground and under it. You kill every snake, every frog, every mouse, mole, vole, worm, quail… you kill them all.

So, I guess the only real question is: how cute does an animal have to be before you care if it dies to feed you?”

A mic-drop moment.

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