Hikers Rescue Moose After It Becomes Trapped Under Fallen Snow

hikers moose Canada snow

In no world would I EVER recommend getting within a few feet of a moose, because the second that creature feels threatened by your presence, it could be ballgame for you.

We see tourists at National Parks make examples of this week in and week out with the wildlife.

However, there are a very few scenarios where it’s acceptable to get up close and personal to a moose, and this is one of them.

In this video, two guys notice a moose that had become trapped by a large amount of snow that had fallen on top of it.

Sure enough, you can see the head of a moose poke out as the two observe their surroundings.

They then proceed to take a shovel, and begin to shovel a hole for the moose to get out. Once the hole is wide enough for the creature, the guy shoveling knocks over the remaining snow that was leaving the moose trapped.

The moose was finally able to escape the snowy trap, and get up on all fours.

As the person videoing pointed out, the moose had some noticeable scarring on its back from the tree it was underneath.

However, it appears the moose was grateful to be freed, and took off in the opposite direction.

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