Former NFL Star J.J. Watt Takes A Stand Against Working Out On The Elliptical: “Most Boring Workout I’ve Done In My Life”

JJ Watt

In a world where most former athletes are saying things that are controversial and divisive (mostly to get traffic up on their podcasts), former NFL defensive star J.J. Watt went against the grain and gave a take that everyone can agree on.

Though Watt has a weekly guest spot on The Pat McAfee Show where he could have deployed this take, he instead decided to send it out on his X (formerly Twitter) account. As a former professional athlete, J.J. has now entered into the regular world with the rest of us, and that means doing mundane, non-NFL workouts.

He tried one of those out for the very first time recently, and let’s just say he wasn’t a fan of it:

“Just did 45 minutes on the elliptical for the first time ever. I respect everyone who works out, in whatever capacity you workout, however you choose to work is better than not working at all. Always.

But the elliptical is the single most boring workout I’ve done in my life.”

I’ve never agreed with anything more in my life.

Maybe only second to the treadmill, the elliptical takes the crown for the most mind-numbing form of exercise you can possibly do. The only silver lining with the treadmill is that your arms are free, so you can still scroll through social, scan emails, or whatever else to pass the time faster.

With the elliptical, you are basically locked into stationary skis for however long you are planning on doing it. I know for me, I can barely stand 10 minutes on that damned arm/leg swinging contraption. Watt gave some more thoughts on his agreeable take below his original post:

“It’s effective if it’s the only option you can use or if you somehow enjoy it. But for me personally, I don’t know if there’s a more boring way to spend 45 minutes in a gym.

There are SO MANY more enjoyable and effective methods in my personal opinion.”

You heard it here first people (technically you heard it first on Twitter): Exercising on an elliptical is the absolute worst. And that’s coming from a guy who usually does this type of stuff below for his workouts.

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