Detroit Lions Fans Erect “Decker Reported” Billboards Around Town After They Got Robbed Against The Cowboys

Detroit billboard
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It’s good to see that the Detroit Lions are taking their last second loss to the Dallas Cowboys so well.

The tilt between Dan Campbell’s Detroit Kneecap Biters and the Dallas Cowboys last weekend was one for the books. For a late season NFL game, it had everything you could ask for:


-High drama

-One of the coaches going for it and taking risks for the entirety of the game

Head coach Dan Campbell only knows one speed, and that’s pedal to the metal. While other coaches in the modern day NFL are driven to make decisions using analytics, Campbell’s decision making is instead fueled by creatine, absurd amounts of coffee, and, obviously, the haters.

That’s why when the game was on the line in the 4th quarter, he went for it, then he went for it again, and then he went for it one more time (he had a lot of chances to go for it).

The Lions actually succeeded in their first attempt at winning the game, but it was called back on a penalty after the referees determined that the player who caught the pass (Offensive tackle Taylor Decker) in the end zone did not report as eligible.

And long story short, their next two two-point attempts were unsuccessful, and the Cowboys snuck out of their home stadium with a questionable win. Needless to say, Motor City Dan Campbell (MCDC) was still pretty upset about the whole thing the next day:

And he wasn’t the only person that was upset at the result of the game, which some are arguing was stolen away from the Lions by the Dallas Referees Dallas Cowboys.

Lions fans took some initiative and have decided to fight back against the corrupt refs of the NFL, putting up billboards all over Detroit that say “Decker Reported” and a struck through record replaced with what their wins and losses would have been if Detroit would have won in Dallas.

Check them out:

Considering that the Lions have toiled in mediocrity for decades, I think we should all give these billboards a pass. Plus, there’s a pretty good argument for Decker actually reporting, so Detroit fans are really just presenting facts on a large scale.

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