Tyler Childers Opens Up His New Year’s Eve Show With “Her And The Banks”

Tyler Childers country music
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I was not expecting this to be the setlist’s opening track, but I am here for it.

Tyler Childers closed the year with two sold-out nights at Lexington, Kentucky’s historic Rupp Arena. While I envy those who were able to be at the show, I am thankful for the concertgoers who uploaded video footage so we, who were not in the crowd, could experience some of the magic.

Something must have been in the Kentucky air as the energy from the footage feels ELECTRIC, and Childers appears to be on fire during the shows in his backyard.

While video footage that has been shared is all worth watching, I can’t help but fall partial to the song that Childers opened his set with, “Her And The Banks.” The unreleased love ballad is a fan favorite and was an unexpected start for the show. Tyler Childers went through a phase in 2021 where he opened shows with this tune, so it appears he is returning to his old ways.

“It’s good to be here with you all… let’s do it again, huh.”

He says, opening up the show. As he gets ready to kick off the show, the audience roars. The band strikes up the melody, and as Childers sings the first line, you can hear hoops and hollers from the crowd, realizing what song it is.

Childers is one fire vocally as he belts out the tender lyrics with conviction and soul. I think I’d cry happy tears belting these words to close out the year.

“And her love makes me feel like I’m home
Keeps me good company wherever I go
When I’m smilin’, it’s her and the banks
The Big Sandy River that colors my face.”

Timmy Tyler, can 2024 be the year you release “Her And The Banks?”

Check out some of the other songs from the night.

“Shake The Frost” 

“Heart You’ve Been Tendin'”

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