“Do You Want Me To Throw The Podium?” – Robert Saleh Was Way Too Kind With Reporter Who Asked Why He “Doesn’t Seem Angry” About The Jets Season

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New York Jets

The New York Jets were not supposed to be the the same old, typical New York Jets this season, but guess what they ended up being?

The same old, typical, tire fire known as the New York Jets.

Aaron Rodgers was the most interesting part of their season, and he only played four snaps for them before he tore his Achilles and was out for the year. The “will he-won’t he play” storyline is the only thing that really kept the Jets relevant in the sports media news cycle.

“Gang Green” now holds a record of 6 wins and 10 losses after a humiliating defeat at the hand of the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football. In an ironic twist, the Jets got beat by a quarterback that they used to have (and could have gotten after Aaron Rodgers went down). Joe Flacco has been brilliant for the Browns after signing with them, and playing against the Jets was so easy for him on TNF, he nearly dozed off on the sideline.

Following the game, the media couldn’t help but notice that New York’s Head Coach Robert Saleh wasn’t too “angry” or “upset” following yet another loss this season. Hey, I’ve got a guess: Saleh’s become numb to everything, because he’s the coach of a cursed franchise.

One reporter wanted to get to the bottom of Saleh’s feelings though, and threw out this winding, on-pins-and-needles question:

“You don’t seem…maybe you’re not conveying what you really feel inside, but you don’t seem like particularly angry upset about it. I’m wondering if you can just share what’s really churning inside of you now?”

That kind of question is just what an NFL head coach wants to hear after they got embarrassed during a primetime football game. Saleh took a moment to gather himself (so he wouldn’t show he’s both upset and angry) and responded by saying:

“I’m not sure I understand your question, Rich. Do you want me to throw the podium on the floor?”

Yeah, not sure what the reporter expected Saleh to say there. I mean, what kind of a question is that? “You don’t seem sad enough to me?” Is that what we’re asking NFL coaches these days? Saleh kept it cool, I gotta hand it to him.

Plus, the piercing blank stare that the Jets head coach sports right after the question says all you need to know about how he’s feeling inside. And I’ve got to say, the comedic timing of the “thanks everybody” from whoever was running the press conference was GOLD. It was an accidental punchline that ended the time with the media, but it was absolutely hilarious.

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