Jelly Roll Tears Up Telling The Story Of How His Wife, Bunnie Xo, Helped Him Get Custody Of His Daughter

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These days, Jelly Roll and his wife, Bunnie Xo, are one of the biggest power couples in country music.

The rapper-turned-country superstar was named CMA New Artist of the Year, has three #1 country singles, and was just nominated for two Grammy Awards after the release of his debut country album, Whitsitt Chapel, earlier this year.

And his wife, Bunnie Xo, is a powerhouse herself, building her own brand as the host of her Dumb Blonde podcast.

But things weren’t always so great for the couple.

Jelly Roll (whose real name is Jason DeFord) has been open about his struggles earlier in life, including his struggles with addiction and being sent to prison for armed robbery.

And he’s admitted that when he first met his future wife, he was homeless and living in a van after having just been released from his time spent behind bars. But Bunnie was a high-end escort in Las Vegas, so she was already doing pretty well for herself:

“I was broke. I was living in a 1996 van. Literally. Didn’t have a house.

And this woman has like two condos and a few sports cars. She’s f*cking BALLING.”

It was while he was still in prison that Jelly Roll found out that he had become a father, a moment that he’s credited with turning his life around and helping him realize that he needed to get his act together. So the first thing that he wanted to do when he was released was get custody of his daughter.

Of course that was easier said than done at a time when he didn’t even have a home to raise her in. But luckily, his then-girlfriend Bunnie was fully supportive – and willing to do whatever it took to help him:

“I have to sit Bunnie down and go, ‘Look, I have a kid that you know about that I’m fixin’ to have to get full custody of. There’s also a woman out there that’s pregnant with a kid of mine.’

And Bunnie is just like, “Whoo, man, that’s a lot. But I got you. Whatever.'”

The first order of business was getting Jelly Roll a place to live – something he couldn’t afford at the time:

“I don’t have a house. I’m homeless. So she’s like, ‘The first thing we have to do is get you somewhere to live in Nashville.’

I was like, ‘Well I can’t put it in my name. I’m a felon, I don’t have enough proof of income to get the kind of place we’d need to get her in the right school district.’

Bunnie’s like, ‘Well let’s just go get a condo so you have a bedroom.'”

And Bunnie promised Jelly Roll that no matter what happened between the two of them, that she would help him get custody of his daughter:

“So Bunnie comes down there, we’re getting a condo. I’ll never forget, Bunnie looked at me, and man it makes me emotional. 

She said, ‘No matter what happens with us, I’m going to help you get this little girl.’

And I was like, man, what character. You know what I mean? Like what character, this woman is like, ‘Look, I’m not 100% sure I’ll be with you, but I’m gonna do everything I can to help you with this little girl.’

Because dude, I’m broke. I can’t afford the lawyer, can’t afford anything. And I’m like, ‘Dude, what am I gonna do? Put the kid in a van?’

So Bunnie bankrolled the whole sh*t. And she never talks about that, but it’s a true story.”

Obviously things look a little different for the family these days. Jelly and Bunnie are now married – and have full custody of Jelly Roll’s daughter, 15-year old Bailee Ann.

And he’s also a loving father to his 7-year old son Noah, who often spends time with his superstar father and his half-sister.

But according to Jelly Roll, it’s all thanks to Bunnie that he was able to get his family – and his life – back together.

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