“Dramatic Dog Of The Year” Award Is Locked Up By This Good Boy’s Over-The-Top Reaction To Getting His Nails Trimmed

Dramatic dog

I haven’t seen a performance this dramatic since I went and saw Oppenheimer in theaters this past summer.

Go ahead and give this “Good Boy” the award for “Drama Dog of the Year,” if that’s an award that they give out. If it’s not, then someone needs to put it together just so this dog’s dramatic efforts don’t go unrewarded.

Pet owners know that when it comes to grooming, one of the most difficult things to get knocked out is trimming nails. They’ve even made special, quick-cutting nail trimmers in an attempt to make the process easier for pets (and social media has produced plenty of “peanut butter tricks” to try and ease the process).

This doggo looks like he’s indifferent about nail trimming, but he doesn’t want to let his owner know that. That’s why every time the woman clips one of the dog’s nails, it puts on an acting masterclass and pretends to faint.

I’d go ahead and say that everyone will love the video of the dog, but I unfortunately can’t be so bold, only because there’s someone in the footage that clearly isn’t enjoying it. When you check out the video, make sure to keep an eye on the cat in the sweater in the background. It’s certainly not buying any of the dog’s acting and antics.

Take a look:

Just another example of the eternal battle between cats and dogs…

The dog is doing all it can to get some extra attention, while the cat could not care less (as they often do) about the whole thing. Social media was having a lot of fun with the viral video, and left some of their thoughts below in the reply section of the post:

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