Luke Bryan On Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift: “She’s Got Her A Damn Man, Pick Her Up… Do Some Smoochin'”

Luke Bryan

Ya know, I really thought that after a couple of weeks, the insane hype around the relationship between Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce would die down…

But no, I was wrong. I know it isn’t as bad as it was when the initial rumors began to surface, but you still can’t watch a Chiefs game without the names “Taylor Swift” and “Travis Kelce” used in the same sentence. Not to mention, if Swift is at the game, the cameras are gonna be stuck on her every time a play isn’t going on.

It’s just one of those headlines we’ll see forever until the two breakup, and Swift drops a 23 song album about how much she hates football.

However, as old as it gets at times, it’s still funny looking back at all of the wild comments that have been made about the mega-relationship.

With that being said, I found this gem from Luke Bryan, as he was being interviewed before this year’s CMA Awards.

During an interview with Access Hollywood’s Emily Orozco, the two played a game of “yee-haw or yee-naw.” So, with all of the noise about Swift and Kelce (especially at this time), Orozco couldn’t help but ask Bryan his thoughts on the relationship.

Bryan quickly responded with yee-haw and said:

“She’s got her a football player. She’s got her a damn… a man. You see, some of these guys… You know… she’s got a tough dude. Pick her up, tote her around a bit… do some smooching.”

I mean GOOD LORD. If I didn’t know any better, it sounds like ol’ Luke wants to be manhandled by Travis Kelce a little bit. Calm down, Luke. Calm down.

You can check out the full conversation below:

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