“F*ck Your Records, Dan!” – Mike McDaniel Says The Dolphins Are Coming For Dan Marino Ahead Of Cowboys Game

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Hard Knocks

Never change Mike McDaniel, never change.

The second year Miami Dolphins head coach doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of your prototypical NFL head coach. We’re talking about a guy who wears joggers on the sidelines, lowkey rips a vape during games, sounds like he’s high as a kite all the time, and is never afraid to casually speak his mind.

But c’mon, the man has one helluva story. McDaniel worked his way up from being a ball boy for the Denver Broncos, to ultimately becoming an NFL head coach. He defied all odds and is coaching at the highest level possible, and is successful while doing it as the Dolphins are currently 11-4 and playoff bound after defeating the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

And speaking of how McDaniel has never been afraid to speak his mind, he showed those traits off once again before they squared off against the Cowboys.

While Dolphins legend Dan Marino was being introduced before the game, McDaniel was saying in the background:

“Yeah Dan Marino, f*ck your records, Dan! We’re coming for your records, man!”

Although the boomers might absolutely hate this, I think this is a power move by ol’ McDaniel here. The dude called out the greatest quarterback in Dolphins history, as if he was a heckler in the stands instead of a head coach.

Of course, he’s joking… but only kind of, right? McDaniel got that dawg in him… and I’m here for it. We also need this dude mic’d up at all times… talk about a content machine.

Just see for yourself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock