Viewers Call Out Quick Lane Bowl Announcers For Their Obsession With Minnesota QB’s Fiancée

Katie Miller

Bowl games are back after a brief Christmas hiatus, and today we got the Quick Lane Bowl, which was a thrilling battle between…Bowling Green and Minnesota.

Yeah, not exactly two powerhouse schools.

While Minnesota ended up winning the game over Bowling Green by a score of 30-24, apparently the announcers had their eyes somewhere other than the field.

The Golden Gophers were led on the field by senior quarterback Cole Kramer, who got his first career start during the bowl game. But it was his fiancée, Katie Miller, who got all the attention on the broadcast when the announcers couldn’t stop talking about their upcoming wedding.

And viewers were quick to call out the broadcast crew for their fixation on the Minnesota quarterback’s significant other:

People were even comparing it Brent Musburger’s creepy obsession with his then-girlfriend Katherine Webb a few years ago:

And of course others compared it to the NFL’s obsession with Travis Kelce’s new girlfriend Taylor Swift:

Either way, I think people had enough of hearing about Katie Miller during the bowl game:

But, congrats to the future husband and wife. Since we now know exactly when they’re getting married.

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