“Who The F**k He Think He Is? Joel Osteen?” – Saints Fan Goes Scorched Earth, Could Not Be More Done With Derek Carr

Derek Carr New Orleans Saints
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Well, it’s probably safe to say that New Orleans Saints fans are over the “Derek Carr experience.”

Football fans down in the Bayou seem to be finding out why Carr was available for them to sign during the last offseason. The longtime Oakland/Las Vegas Raider signed a four-year, $150 million contract back in March to join the Saints, and that deal is now looking just like Carr’s injury designation for most of the season: Questionable.

Carr isn’t necessarily a horrible quarterback by any means, but he has not been able to bring New Orleans over the hump. Much like his years as a Raider, anyone that watches him play can only wonder how he isn’t…well, better than he actually is.

New Orleans currently sits at 7 and 8, and just lost a pivotal matchup against the Los Angeles Rams back on Thursday Night Football. On paper, Carr had a respectable game, throwing for 300 plus yards and 3 touchdowns (with one pick). However, much of those positive stats were thanks to a “too little, too late” run that the Saints made at the end of the game.

Carr and New Orleans have played that type of game this year plenty of times, and the latest loss, compounded with the rest of the mediocre season, has finally broken Saints fans for good.

This video below of a New Orleans fan calling into a show called “Hold The Mayo” has gone viral, and for good reason. The man on the phone went on a long, winding rant against Derek Carr, the team, and the team’s kicker, and the transcript of his rabid thoughts is hilarious to say the least:

“Last week, Derek Carr was talking about him and his son doing math homework together and all this bull sh*t. I hope his son does math homework better than this motherf**ker plays quarterback. Cause if he don’t, he ain’t getting out of the f**king first grade.

And then he started giving all of these life lessons and all of this fake positivity. Who the f**k he think he is, Joel Osteen? (If) you want to go be a f**king preacher, go ahead. You can rob more people out of their f**king money. You already got the Saints for $100 million.” 

Trust me, it only gets more irate and vulgar from there…

You can view the scorched Earth take on the New Orleans Saints in the video below:

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