“She’s Petting It” – Woman Idiotically Approaches Bison To Pet It Like A Dog At Yellowstone National Park

Bison Yellowstone national park
Viral Hog

I might as well start a weekly segment called “The Yellowstone Idiot” with as many embarrassing videos that come out of the famous national park.

In this edition, we’ve got a woman who must have mistook Yellowstone National Park as Yellowstone National petting zoo. As bizarre as that sounds, that’s actually something that most of these encounters have in common.

The equation is really quite simple. There’s a wild animal wondering around inside the park, someone avoids the NPS guidelines of “staying at least 25 yards away from animals,” and then they pay the price for it.

It’s kind of like the Hangover movie trilogy. You know the plot like the back of your hand, and though it won’t ever get as good as the first one you saw, you’ll still happily watch any other version of the story that graces your screen.

This one linked below is one of my favorites, only because it features park visitors recording the bison encounter and sh*t talking from a distance. The truck load of people stay inside their vehicle as they spot a woman walking off the beaten path that Yellowstone provides to pet a bison.

Once the lady gets over to the wild animal, the tourists witnessing it all from a distance can barely contain themselves, with one saying in bewildered fashion:

“She’s petting it. Oh my gosh, she’s petting it.”

The woman, horribly uniformed and emitting a ridiculous amount of stupidity, is literally petting a laying bison like it’s a dog. You often hear about the “Seven Wonders of the World,” and I think we can count this video as the eighth, just because I can only wonder what was going through this woman’s head.

Commentary from the car continues, with this line coming from the metaphorical top rope:

“And her boyfriend or whatever right there is filming it all. Oh God, is she stupid? She’s totally antagonizing it. Where are the rangers?”

At one point, the bison rears up and lunges at the woman petting it, which I’m assuming was a very polite warning from the big beast. However, that didn’t keep the woman from petting it, and someone in the truck finally decided to invoke natural selection:

“Well, at this point, she deserves it.”

That’s right. If she were to get tossed up into the air by the bison, or gored, that’s kind of on her right? Humans have been weeded out by natural selection our entire existence, so a woman getting catapulted into the air by a bison would just be another brick in the road.

Finally (and luckily), the woman walks away from the bison and back to the walking path. The violent nudge from the bison must have let her know that the “petting zoo” was no longer in operation, so she returned to whoever she was there with (that likely encouraged her to go out and pet the wild animal).

As she walks away, one of the tourists in the car gets one last parting shot in, saying:

“I just want to go yell at her, because it’s people like her that ruin it for everybody.”

You can view the ill-informed animal encounter below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock