Red Clay Strays Spread Holiday Cheer With Stellar Cover Of “Please Come Home For Christmas”

Red Clay Strays country music
Red Clay Strays

Is there anything that the Red Clay Strays can’t sing?

I have a feeling that 2024 will hold big things for the boys that make up the Red Clay Strays. With “Wondering Why” sitting in the top ten of the Apple Country charts, their fandom growing rapidly, and an album in the works, big things are on the horizon.

While their original music is top-notch, to begin with, this Christmas cover highlights the soul and blues that the band has. A few weeks ago, the group spread a little holiday cheer to a local Alabama organization, and what a treat it was for those in the crowd.

“Camp ASCCA is a nationally recognized special needs camp in Alabama that treats both children and adults, and it’s one of our favorite places to play.

Probably the only crowd we’ve performed a Christmas song for this year, so we figured we’d share it!”

They hit the stage to sing Charles Brown’s “Please Come Home For Christmas,” decked out in festive sports coats as they belted out the 1960s hit.

Brown’s original cut of the song highlights heavy elements of blues with slight Motown overtones, which fits the soulful and blues-rich sound that Red Clay Strays processes. Brown’s low and smooth notes are perfect for Coleman’s vocal range.

He lets out a growl as he sings the first notes, and then the band kicks in with the slow, soulful melodies.

I think they fit this holiday song so well because often, when you are listening to the Red Clay Strays, it feels as though you have taken a step back in time and are listening to a band from a different generation. Their sound is timeless while still pushing some boundaries of country music.

If they cut this one in the studio, you can bet your bottom dollar it finds its way onto the Whiskey Riff Country Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck playlist.

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