Deer That Broke Into Minnesota Walmart Gets Put Into WWE-Style Headlock By American Hero

Man wrestles deer
Lakeland PBS

It’s not uncommon to get a headache when you make a run into a Walmart, though it’s usually just because you unfortunately have to be there, and not because you’ve been put into a headlock.

A couple of years ago, a small deer broke into a Minnesota Walmart, and instead of grabbing a shopping cart, it decided to wreak havoc throughout the store. It’s believed that the young deer was in search of food, and had first stopped to chew on some vegetation in the outdoor garden section before it made its way through the automatic doors and into the Walmart.

This isn’t the first deer that’s gone slipping and sliding through a Walmart. In fact, a similar incident happened when a Walmart employee opted to tackle a deer to the ground after it got into the store, and stayed on top of it until help arrived. Another deer went running amuck through a Sam’s Club warehouse store, and was only stopped when police were called to intervene.

To me, it sounds like all of these stores just have an “automatic door problem.” If only we still had door greeters who could act as a first line of defense for these stores. Instead, we’ve got run-of-the-mill Walmart shoppers taking matters into their own hands and putting deer in headlocks just outside of the pet section:

That man in the photo, who is a true American hero, is named Tom Grasswick. In my humble opinion, a mural of that exact photo should be painted onto the walls of every Walmart in America. Maybe add a mullet onto Grasswick for good measure?

He was apparently just strolling through the store when the deer ran at him, and once the animal charged into Grasswick, he took it down pro-wrestling style. The Walmart hero told Lakeland PBS how the headlock came to be:

“It was like someone slugged me on the side of the head. I figured I was bigger than him, and I’d win that wrestling match.”

And just to be transparent, he said wrestling like “wrassling” in the interview, so you know he’s a real one. Once he got it down in a headlock, store goers standing nearby rushed to help by covering the deer’s eyes. Grasswick and the others were then able to maneuver it outside of the store and released it back into the wild.

You can view the local news story about the hilarious incident below:

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