Gorilla Kisses Newborn Baby Through Glass At Columbus Zoo

Gorilla kisses baby

Even gorillas know that babies are innocent little beings.

In moments like these, you forget animals in a zoo are genuinely wild, but it also reminds you of the emotional intelligence that monkeys, gorillas and other primates carry. If they really wanted to, they could run the world, I’m convinced…

A woman took her newborn baby to the Columbus, Ohio, Zoo. While most animals would mind their own business and continue munching on their snacks or playing with their friends in their enclosure, this one gorilla was fascinated with the tiny human.

The large mammal sat in front of the glass, mesmerized by the baby wearing a yellow spring outfit as the mom held her for the gorilla to observe.

The gorilla was staring at the baby; at first, you weren’t sure what was going through its head. In all honesty, it crossed my mind that the animal might not be fond of the tiny human. If you are familiar with the video of the enormous silverback gorilla charging and breaking the glass nearly a decade ago, I was watching this with fear the same thing might happen. But that could not be further from the interaction that took place.

The gorilla leans towards the glass, placing a gentle kiss on the barrier between itself and the baby. A choir of “Awwww” erupts behind the person, videoing as all the children near the baby are also in awe of the tender moment.

This might be the sweetest thing you’ll watch all week.

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The comments section is filled with people who love the tender interaction. I must confess I might have teared up if I had witnessed this in person. Something about animals loving on babies gets me.

“That was so cute omg.”

“Gorillas know the little humans are pure of heart.”

“That’s so sweet. They’re more human than you think.”

“They are very protective of babies.”

“From most fierce to most gentle…amazing.”

“What a sweetheart.”

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